family guy slot
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family guy slot

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Family Guy Slot Reviewfamily guy slot

Freakin’ sweet, I can gamble in my underwear…? Yes you can!

The Family Guy slot is everything you expect it to be, rude, crude and funny. If you’re a fan of the show you will recognise the characters and the quirky catchphrases which appear above the reels. Family Guy is an adult animation so this isn’t a slot for the easily offended but is a slot for those with a sense of humour and enjoy a little obscenity.

Family Guy Slot Key Features:

Reels 5 Bonus Round Yes
Paylines 30 Free Spins Yes
Min Bet 50p Scatter Yes
Max Bet £2,500 Wilds Yes
Max Win £2,500,000.00 Multiplier Yes 
Devices PC & Mobile Progressive Yes

Game Play

family guy slotYou can spin from as little as 50p and as high as a whopping £2,500. This is a great slot to play for any budget and incredibly entertaining as there’s a lot of interaction within this online slot game. Family Guy Slot would be a great first time slot to play as there are so many features you won’t be spinning for long before something happens.

The theoretical return of play is 92.5% – 96.5% so it’s pretty average in the grand scheme of things but definitely not a return to be grumbled at. This is the exciting bit, the maximum win is colossal £2,500,000.00 which is huge in the world of online slots. IGT really have gone to town with the Family Guy slot. It wouldn’t surprise me if it were to be nominated for an industry award soon.



IGT have done a superb job here, online slot fans and family guy fans will appreciate the well thought out graphics and animations.

Set in the Griffin family’s living room the 5 reels are filled with symbols emulating the Family Guy TV show. If you’re a fan of the hit TV  show like me then you’ll spot the television, Stewie’s laser gun, a bottle of beer and Stewie’s teddy bear. It just wouldn’t be Family Guy Slot without the Griffin family members like Brian, Stewie, Meg, Chris, Lois and Peter.

In addition, the colour scheme used really does stand out, think bright, cheerful and vibrant – that’s Family Guy.

family guy slot

Just above the reels you’ll spot several of the characters with their own catch phrases show up. If you have the volume on you’ll also hear them as you play. If you’re in the mood to feel like you’re in the Griffin’s living room then turn the sound on and up.

  • Brian: “It’s amazing that this is still legal.”
  • Stewie: “That’s so weird, it smells like there’s been a cat but I bet there’s no cat.”
  • Meg: “There’s no chance we’re going to be friends now, is there?”
  • Chris: “There’s an evil monkey in my closet…”
  • Lois: ”Oh my god, what kind of mother am I?”
  • Peter: “Take it up with my butt, ‘cause he’s the only one who gives a crap.”
  • Quagmire: “I’ve been having sex with every woman in town, non-stop for the past two days.”



Regular Symbols:

These are the symbols that offer a low payout and include: Stewie’s teddy, Stewie’s gun, a television and a bottle of beer.

The Griffin Family Symbols:

The lower payout within the tiers are:

  • Megfamily guy slot
  • Chris

Then next up is:

  • Brian
  • Stewie

And the highest two in the tier for payouts is:

  • Peter
  • Lois

The Wild Symbol:

family guy slotThe Wild Symbol in Family Guy is ‘reel’ easy to spot. It’s simply the Family Guy logo in bright and bold blue writing against a bright multi-orange background. You won’t be able to miss it when it lands and you’ll be happy when it does. As it will act as a substitute for all other symbols on the reels except for the bonus symbol. The wild symbol helps to create winning combinations and boosting your winnings as much as possible.


The Bonus Symbol:

family guy slotWe love it when this symbol appears, it’s the bonus. It really heightens the excitement of the game. Called the ‘World Bonus’ in bold yellow writing and against a red and black background. You need to get 3 World Bonuses to appear anywhere on reels 2, 3 and 4 to trigger the world bonus. As the world bonus symbol lands in a position to trigger the bonus you’ll see the entire reel turn to flames. This looks really cool and is in anticipation of the bonus round being triggered.



family guy slotWhen we said Family Guy Slot was filled with action from all of the features, we weren’t wrong. In addition to the features mentioned above there’s a random feature which triggers as your spinning. When this happens different members of the Griffin family except Meg (of course!) will randomly pop up to increase your chances of winning. Plus, the opportunity to enter the World Bonus or you can get a win farted out.

Our favourite feature is when Lois turns up with higher paying symbols. We found this to be appearing pretty regular and the turned out to be rather lucrative.

Griffin Family Features

  • Peter’s featureWhen triggered a value of 200x  all the way up to 5000x of the triggering coin value is awarded, in other words the amount you were originally spinning at.
  • Stewie’s feature: When triggered, three Wild symbols can be revealed on any of the reels potentially creating several winning combinations. The Wild will also act as a substitute for all other symbols except for the World Bonus (bonus symbol).
  • Lois’s feature: When triggered, one to three of the Griffin family member symbols are shown and will be awarded according to the symbols shown. Have a look at the screenshot above for a better of what we mean. Awards are also multiplied leading to some fruitful wins here.
  • Brian’s feature: When triggered, one or two of the world bonus symbols will appear on reels 3 or 4 and this can trigger the World Bonus, think of this feature as a shortcut to the World Bonus.
  • Chris’ feature: When triggered, any symbol anywhere on the reels can instantly become a Wild symbol.
  • Meg’s feature: Don’t worry there’s no Meg feature…who wants that!  But you will be happy to know that when a feature is triggered any winnings awarded during a spin may be multiplied to boost your winnings even more after a win.


Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds are the highlights of Family Guy online slot, this bonus is like no other and really reflects the TV show itself. To trigger the bonus world you will need 3 bonus symbols to land anywhere on reels 2, 3 and 4. From there you will see Stewie sat in a study with a globe requesting you spin it. You’ll also hear him prompt you to spin so it’s worth holding off for a few seconds if you want to hear what he says.

On the globe you will notice some of the continents are in fact the bonus rounds, the globe will stop spinning and then land on one of three bonus rounds.

World Domination Bonuses

family guy slot








  • The Drunken Clam
  • Chicken Fight!
  • Lois’ Hot Spins

The Drunken Clam

family guy slot

The screen will change and you’ll see the 4 guys, Peter, Quagmire, Joe and Cleveland. You need to choose one of the four. These are the guys you’ll be counting on to out drink the others and win you the most.

Once chosen, on each round you need to select a tap to drink out of. They will have varying amounts and sometimes you can win all. After each round there’s a chance one of the guys will pass out and when this happens (so long as it’s not you) the multiplier metre will go up.

The drunken clam bonus round will end if you pass out before the other guys or if you’re the last man standing/drinking. An amount equal to the sum of selected taps times the multiplier times the triggering coin value is awarded.


Chicken Fight!

family guy slotThis is a fun one and if you’re an avid watcher of the show, you’ll recognise the famous and ongoing chicken fight. To begin you need to select a favourite fighter: Peter or the Giant Chicken.

Once chosen the rounds will begin and the pair will duke it out until there’s a successor. If your fighter wins you’ll be able to pick 4 -7 of the awards, otherwise only 1 – 3 picks will be awarded.

From there, pick the money bags you can, your opponent will be picking too so make sure you choose wisely. For every round that the selected fighter wins, the multiplier meter increases. After three rounds, a fighter is declared the winner. From there on, your amount equal to the sum of money bags picked times the multiplier times the triggering coin value is awarded.


Lois’ Hot Spins

family guy slot If you get this, 10 free spins will be triggered immediately, you’re likely to land some good symbols so this is a great bonus to land.

If you get 1 Giggity “Retriggity” scatter symbol anywhere on the middle reel to award an additional 5 free spins. This symbol is found on reel 3 only and the bonus can be retriggered multiple times, up to a whopping 30 spins.

If you spot a heart-shaped Peter symbol this is wild in the bonus round and will act in the same way as a regular wild symbol. Every time one appears on the fifth reel, it is saved in a special on-screen accumulator located just below the reels.

Once you have collected 3 Hearts in total and all Purple Lois symbols become wild on reels 2 – 5 for that spin and all subsequent spins in the bonus.


Furthermore, every additional 3 Hearts upgrades an additional symbol:

  • 3 Hearts: Purple Lois is wild on reels 2 through 5
  • 6 Hearts: Blue Lois is also wild on reels 2 through 5
  • 9 Hearts: Green Lois is also wild on reels 2 through 5
  • 12 Hearts: Yellow Lois is also wild on reels 2 through 5

After 12 Hearts have been collected, no more Hearts can be collected, but the heart-shaped Peter symbol remains wild and you’ll be winning big. Once the bonus ends, all Heart accumulators are emptied.

Lastly, Free spins are played at the same coin value and same number of lines as the triggering spin. There’s a lot going on with this bonus but once you start playing it will all become much clearer.


Even More Bonuses

You didn’t think you would only get three bonus rounds did you…? Well for those of you loving what you’re reading you’ll be pleased to know there’s another three bonus rounds.

  • Chris’s Closet Bonus: You will be given a selection of closet doors and you need to pick the right one in order to get multipliers which will be added onto your winnings.
  • Brian’s Big Dig: Brian will be doing what dogs do best… digging up trash and the best bits dug up will win you free spins and multipliers.
  • Stewie’s World Domination Progressives: If you watch the show, you’ll know all about stewie’s parallel universe hopping. If you reach this bonus you will be instantly transported to a parallel universe where your aim is to kill Lois. Subsequently you will be able to win one of the six progressive jackpots up for grabs. family guy slot

Family Guy Slot on Mobile

family guy slotThe Family Guy slot is available on mobile iOS, android and tablet devices so you can play anytime and anywhere. So it’s really up to you, you may be commuting to and from work, wanting to kill some time in a waiting room, relaxing outside or just in your living room on your sofa. You can even play the Family Guy slot whist watching it on TV, the world is your oyster.

Family Guy Slot is completely up to date so there’s no need to download to enjoy this slot all you have to do is go onto google or safari, find a casino and begin to play. We can help you find the best mobile casino with the best offer too. Some online casinos also have an app making accessibility to gameplay even more convenient.

Gameplay on mobile is pretty similar to that on desktop in terms of features and action so you won’t be short changed. In fact we thought it looked and played really well on mobile. If you are out and about and want to keep the volume up then maybe listen with some headphones on. Otherwise you may surprise a few people around you and there is also the option to mute.



This IGT online slot game is for Family Guy and slot lovers alike. In terms of gameplay you will be constantly entertained by everything going on with the characters and the game features. Out of all the slot games I’ve ever come across, this has the most bonuses and features to it. Which makes it perfect for new players and for existing players – you guys get something new.

Out of the random features expect to see Lois the most so fingers crossed the selected symbol lands for you in several places. For the bonuses we found ‘The Drunken Clam’ to appear the most. We really like this one due to the wins but our favourite is ‘The Chicken Fight’, we just thought it was the funniest. With all of the bonuses especially the World Domination ones, they go on for quite a long time so you can really enjoy the moment once you’ve got there.

For payouts we found ‘The Drunken Clam’ to be most fruitful but the random features within normal play definitely boost your winnings and keep things exciting.

To sum up, Family Guy slot is fun, entertaining and lucrative. All the things we want an online slot game to be. You really do get a lot of bang for your buck which is freakin’ awesome.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading our Family Guy Slot review and enjoy playing as much as I do.