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About Family Guy

If you’re not already familiar with Family Guy Slot. If you want to know about the inspiration behind slot then read this page. You’ll be an expert in no time.

Family Guy is an American adult animated sitcom (think of The Simpsons but for over 18’s) created by Seth Mcfarlene for the Fox Broadcasting Company it first aired in 1999. The show is all about the Griffin family consisting of Peter and Lois the parents, then Chris, Meg and Stewie the children and their dog Brian.

Set in the fictional town of Quahog with many other characters. We see how the Griffins live their unconventional and very humorous family life depicting elements of American culture.

Family Guy is shown in over 20 countries around the world including the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. As you can imagine due to the controversial nature of the show it’s also banned in many countries such as South Africa, South Korea, Malaysia, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Vietnam and Indonesia.


Family Guy has also been nominated for numerous awards including 12 Primetime Emmy Awards and 11 Annie Awards of which 6 have been won, 3 of each. Family Guy made history when it was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series as it was the first animated series to be nominated since The Flintstones in 1961. The show has also been nominated for a Grammy in 2011 which it narrowly missed out on winning. Family Guy has also been nominated and won the Teen Choice Awards and the People’s Choice Awards.

Brian Griffin was selected as dog for ‘The Perfect TV Family’ by Entertainment weekly in its 1000th edition. Stewie has be ranked 95th as TV villain of all time. Maybe it is for all the times he tried to kill Lois and take over the universe.

IGN rated Family Guy number 7 out of the ‘Top 100 Animated Series’ and is Primetimes number 6 ‘Top 25 Primetime Animated Series of all Time’. Empire has names the show the 12th greatest TV of all time. Channel 4 viewers have voted Family Guy number 5 out of the ‘100 Greatest Cartoons’.

Characters of Family Guy Slot

family guy slotRevolving around The Griffin Family consisting of Peter Griffin who is  the father, a blue-collar worker who enjoys a drink and is voiced by Steve McFarlane. Lois is the stay-at-home mother and member of the wealthy Pewterschmidt family as is voiced by Alex Borstein. The children are Chris their spotty, overweight and stupid. Meg who is the butt of every joke and an awkward teenage daughter. Stewie who is the youngest son and is intelligent, devious, cunning, whitty and has an English accent. Then there’s the Brian the Grififn’s pet dog who’s considered part of the family, who smokes, drinks and is best friends with Stewie.

There are also several other recurring characters such as Peters best friends Quagmire. Who’s a sex-crazed neighbour and appears in the Family Guy Slot. Cleveland and his wife Loretta and Joe with his wife Bonnie.

Other Media

Spin off

The Cleveland show was created in 2009 using Family Guy characters Cleveland and his wife Loretta.


A Family Guy film has been in the pipeline since 2007. MacFarlane said he wanted to do something which he couldn’t do on the show. He later confirmed plans to create a musical theatre type movie, similar to the ‘Sound of Music’ so he could capture musically that feel.

Live Performances

Family Guy Live! was organised by FOX for all of the die hard Family Guy fans out there and being performed in Las Vegas and New York involving many of the usual cast members.

Comic Books

The first Comic Book was released in 2011, consisting of a main story with the usual characters and setting and a gag strip.


Family Guy is that loved by fans from around the world and as a results merchandise comes in all shapes and sizes such as clothing, novelty items, mugs, usb sticks, masks, the list goes on.

Video Games

The Family Guy Video Game was an action game released in 2006 using high voltage software, the game was praised for humour.

Family Guy Slot Machine Game

After years of popularity and seeing the success of other animated series, Family Guy decided to team up with IGT to create a Family Guy slot machine game. In 2012 the Family Guy slot was unveiled and available to play in Las Vegas.

IGT have always insisted that they don’t follow the gaming treads but create them. The animations were designed so that a strong connection between gameplay and entertained could be established. Creating an engaging game for slot players and Family Guy fans alike.

Known for their superior graphics, game interface and experience IGT’s skills are perfectly depicted in this slot making the Family Guy Slot a world class gaming experience for players.

IGT have added extra excitement and exhilaration by making Family Guy slot into a progressive jackpot. The design makes it easy to use and familiar to players due to the well themed bonus rounds.

If you’re quite new to slots and gaming and unsure of what exactly a ‘progressive jackpot’ is. It means big wins, as players play the progressive jackpot increases. It’s not a set amount you can win and the amount will continue increase until it’s won. This isn’t the only way to win on Family Guy Slot there’s a multitude of ways to win throughout gameplay.

Where to play Family Guy Slot Machine Gamefamily guy slot

Since gambling is banned in the vast majority of states across America. Currently you can only gamble in New Jersey and Las Vegas. So these are the two states and casinos where Family Guy Slot can be played.

Locations in New Jersey:

  • Caesars Atlantic City
  • Resorts Casino Hotel

Locations in Las Vegas:

  • MGM Grand Hotel
  • Luxor Hotel

Family Guy Slot Online

This is the part we’re experts in. The team behind have been in the online gambling industry for many years now so when Family Guy Slot finally came online we we’re really excited.

After 3 years in only a few land based casinos IGT finally launched the Family Guy Slot online. One of the most wonderful things about this is that it’s now available to millions of people across many countries to play.

Online gambling is illegal in America so for you guys you’re best option is to head down to a casino. For everyone else, so long as online gambling is legal in your country. You just need to find an online casino with the Family Guy Slot available to play which we can help you with by heading to our Family Guy Slot Casinos page.

Basic gameplay is similar for the online version of the slot but if you have played in a casino. You probably loved the entire machine as it looks pretty impressive and goes wild when you win.

Online, IGT have successfully created an atmosphere when playing the animations really do bring the slot to life and make you feel apart of it. For any player who loves features, Family Guy Slot is packed with Wilds, Multipliers, Random Features, Free Spins and several Bonus Rounds gameplay is so much fun and pretty lucrative.

If you’re interested in playing the Family Guy Slot Online but want to know more you can read the full Family Guy Slot Review and if you fancy seeing what it like to play you can do that too at our Family Guy Slot Free Play page.

family guy slot

family guy slot

family guy slot
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 9.7/10 9.9/10 9.6/10
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Want to hear an interesting fact?

Family Guy has millions of views per episode from around the world. It is a cult success which helped it come back from being cancelled and is one of the most popular adult animated series of all time.